Radiative transfer

I have been developing radiative transfer programs for the modelling of emission of interstellar dust and molecular lines.

Cppsimu is the first Monte Carlo code that I wrote to simulate line emission. Some details can be found through this link and the reference to the original publication is Juvela 1998. CRT is another Monte Carlo code but for simulations of the emission and scattering by interstellar dust grains. Some documentation can be found here and the most relevant publications are Juvela & Padoan 2003 and Juvela 2005. There have been other programs, some of which are described in Juvela & Padoan 2005 and Lunttila & Juvela 2012.

The programs listed above are being superseded by two new codes: LOC for line emission and SOC for dust. Both programs use OpenCL libraries to enable parallel calculations on CPUs and GPUs. The programs are / will be described on the following pages:

  • SOC – modelling of dust emission and scattering
  • LOC – calculations of line transfer