CRT – spectrum files

When the keyword binary is used in the ini-file, the spectra will be written to a binary file prefix.spectra. File starts with three integers (4 bytes each): number of RA-positions, number of DEC-positions, and number of frequencies. These are followed by the listed frequency values (4 byte floats,). For each spectrum the file contains first the x- and y-offsets [pc] (4 byte floats) that are followed by the intensity values [Jy/sr] for each of the computed frequencies (4 byte floats).

If keyword ascii is used instead of binary, the spectra are written to an ascii file. The output file consists of lines with  x-offset [pc], y-offset [pc], frequency [Hz], wavelength [um], intensity [cgs], intensity [Jy/sr], optical depth. Note that all values (different positions and frequencies) will be written to this one file. Above the offset x increases right (i.e., opposite to the direction in which longitude coordinate would increase).