Cold Cores workshop in December 2021

The 12th meeting of the Planck and Herschel project on Cold Cores will be held in Toulouse and online from Monday the 6th till Wednesday the 8th of December, 2021. The programme will consist of talks, discussion sessions, and potentially some associated mini-workshops (see below).

SOC: Mika Juvela, Isabelle Ristorcelli, Julien Montillaud

Practical information

  • The meeting will take place in zoom (link will be sent by email) and on location at IRAP, Toulouse.
  • We are planning to collect pdf files of the presentations, which will then appear on this page after the meeting.
  • If agreed with the presenters, we record the talks and links to the videos will appear here after the meeting.


The programme of the main workshop is the following:
Monday 6.12.
17:0016:00 09:0008:00 00:00 Welcome
17:1016:10 09:1008:10 00:10 Kate Pattle Magnetic fields and outflows in Bok globules
17:4016:40 09:4008:40 00:40 Yasuo Doi Evidence for Pinched Magnetic Fields in Quiescent Filaments of NGC 1333
18:1017:10 10:1009:10 01:10 Discussion Polarisation and magnetic fields
19:1018:10 11:1010:10 02:10 Break
19:3018:30 11:3010:30 02:30 Karine Demyk New laboratory data on dust analogues and new models of cosmic dust
20:0019:00 12:0013:00 03:00 Discussion Dust physics
21:0020:00 13:0014:00 04:00 End of the first day
Tuesday 7.12.
17:0016:00 09:0008:00 00:00 Tie Liu ATOMS: ALMA Three-millimeter Observations of Massive Star-forming regions
17:3016:30 09:3008:30 00:30 Charlotte Vastel Cold does not mean poor in organics: a chemical survey of galactic cold cores
18:0017:00 10:0009:00 01:00 Mika Juvela Studies of pre-stellar evolution with ngVLA
18:3017:30 10:3009:30 01:30 Break
19:0018:00 11:0010:00 02:00 Discussion Surveys - past, present, and future observations
20:0019:00 12:0011:00 03:00 End of the second day
Wednesday 8.12.
17:0016:00 09:0008:00 00:00 Zu-Jia Lu Real versus observational physical parameter of massive clumps
17:3016:30 09:3008:30 00:30 Veli-Matti Pelkonen Large-scale accretion in Class II YSOs
18:0017:00 10:0009:00 01:00 Mika Juvela Radiative transfer programs SOC and LOC
18:3017:30 10:3009:30 01:30 Break
19:0018:00 11:0010:00 02:00 Discussion Simulations vs. observations
20:0019:00 12:0011:00 03:00 End of the third day

We also arrange mini-workshops outside the main workshop. These are separate sessions that focus on more specific topics and potentially more technical issues. In connection with the 2021 eorkshop, we arrange the following:

  • Timothé Roland: Introduction to the Astrophysical Multipurpose Software Environment AMUSE (computation of multi-physics problems with a unified interface to dedicated codes). The hands-on examples will be about gravitational dynamics and/or SPH calculations. Video of the AMUSE session.
  • Julien Montillaud et al.: Introduction to instrument capabilities at different observatories (ALMA, NOEMA, etc.) and tools of proposal preparation
  • Mika Juvela: Introduction to radiative-transfer modelling and the use of the SOC (video of the SOC demonstration) and LOC (video of the LOC demonstration).


  • Dana Alina, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
  • Jean-Philippe Bernard, IRAP, Toulouse
  • Jean-Sébastien Carrière, IRAP, Toulouse
  • Chenlin Zhou, IRAP, Toulouse
  • Karine Demyk, IRAP, Toulouse
  • Yasuo Doi, University of Tokyo
  • Vincent Guillet, IAS (Orsay) and University of Montpellier
  • Tie Liu, Shanghai Observatory
  • Mika Juvela, University of Helsinki
  • Zu-Jia Lu, University of Barcelona
  • QiuYi-Luo, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
  • Emma Mannfors, University of Helsinki
  • Paolo Padoan, University of Barcelona
  • Kate Pattle, Centre for Astronomy, National University of Ireland Galway
  • Veli-Matti Pelkonen, University of Barcelona
  • Isabelle Ristorcelli, IRAP, Toulouse
  • Charlotte Vastel, IRAP, Toulouse
  • Fengwei Xu, Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University
  • Nathalie Ysard, IAS, Paris
  • Annie Zavagno, LAM, Marseille